CANCEROUS GROWTH - Late For The Grave LP (Gold Translucent)

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LP | "Late For The Grave"


COLOUR: Gold Translucent

Boston, MA, USA had it´s "crew" bands: SSD, NEGATIVE FX, THE FU´S, DYS, ... then there was JERRY´S KIDS, THE FREEZE, THE PROLETARIAT and the quite awesome SIEGE, Western Mass’ DEEP WOUND (later to morph into DINOSAUR JR.) and the MOTÖRHEAD - obsessed OUTPATIENTS contributed their respective brands of earslaughter to Massachusetts´ Hardcore sect circa 1980 - 1985. Then there was the increasingly speed-fixated PSYCHO (whose guitarist Johnny X did an all-too-brief stint on the porno circuit), those lovable, pro-wrestling goombas, THE PTL KLUB and the mighty CANCEROUS GROWTH. CANCEROUS GROWTH´s mainstay, drummer Charlie Infection, probably was the closest thing this bunch had to a leader, Chaz was - and still is - a warm-hearted guy with a piercing South Shore of Massachusetts accent. While his tenure in PSYCHO may have been longer, CANCEROUS GROWTH was his baby. Da GROWTH was slightly heavier in approach than most of their peers. A bit more of one-eyed metal stomp permeated their breakneck Thrash on songs like “Something I Don’t Need” or “The Choice Is Yours” on their "Late For The Grave" LP (1985) which was the second release on AX/CTION RECORDSA, a label run by Infection and PSYCHO´S X. AX/CTION RECORDS would later become one of the first real grassroots distros for the then yet-to-emerge Grindcore and pure Thrash scene of the mid to late Eightikes distributing the like of NAPALM DEATH, HIRAX and THE MEATSHITS.

Originally released in the year 1985 on the US label AX/CTION RECORDS and the first album of the band.

Limited re-issue done for the Recordstore Day 2015, 1000 copies on Translucent Gold vinyl housed in a LP pocket cover with printed inner-sleeve got pressed.