CATTLE DECAPITATION - Death Atlas 2 x LP ("Chocking Sulfur")

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2 x LP | "Death Atlas"


COLOUR: "Chocking Sulfur"

After a break of four years the Grindcore, Death Metal act CATTLE DECAPITATION from San Diego, USA are back on the track: On the latest opus of the band "Death Atlas", there is no longer any doubt as to where they stand when it comes to the fate of humanity, and yet in the same way, there is also no longer any doubt that they are one of the greatest extreme bands of this generation. Within its fourteen tracks, broken up by several existentially bleak interludes, CATTLE DECVAPITATION doesn´t just give a masterclass in how to play Extreme Metal right, they outdo even themselves in terms of extremity. In short, they provide an appropriate sonic counterpart to the extreme conditions which they surmise will mark humanity´s end, ironically caused by humanity itself. Song titles such as "The Geocide," "One Day Closer To The End Of The World" and "Bring Back The Plague" leave nothing to the imagination in terms of the message CATTLE DECAPITATION are trying to broadcast to an ignorant world oblivious to their own self-imposed destruction.

Limited edition of 300 numbered copies on "Chocking Sulfur" vinyl, this album comes in a nice gatefold sleeve and with mp3 download card.