CELTIC FROST - Morbid Tales (Remastered) 2 x LP

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2 x LP | "Morbid Tales (Remastered)"

2017 | NOISE


Born out of the ashes of HELLHAMMER in 1984, CELTIC FROST from Zürich, Switzerland was started by Tom G. Warroir (aka Thomas G. Fischer, vocals / guitar) and Marin Eric Ain (bass). They became one of the most influental and trend-setting bands in the Extreme Metal scene, their debut "Morbid Tales" became the pattern for many contemporary and upcoming Black Metal, Thrash Metal acts. Their slow, down-tuned Proto Black Metal was copied over and over, but to be true the original still is the best, without pioneering bands like CELTIC FROST and of course BATHORY, KREATOR, SODOM, ... modern Metal music in the brutal way would be way different than it is now.

The original pressing of "Morbid Tales" was done as 12" MLP in 1984 by NOISE, Germany, this version including the poster is a real rare item in these days.

Over the top official re-release on 180 gram heavy Black vinyl, housed in a thick gatefold cover, added are two posters and a thirtysix paged 10" booklet with extended liner notes written by Tom G. Warrior. This double LP includes the original (but remastered) songs plus four tracks recorded during two rehearsals in summer and autumn 1984.