CELTIC FROST - Tragic Serenades PICTURE 12"

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PICTURE 12" | "Tragic Serenades"



This great PICTURE 12" by Switzerlands gods of early Death Metal, Thrash Metal band CELTIC FROST was released in between their classic first full album "To Mega Therion" (1985) and the second album " Into The Pandemonium" (1987). 
Three songs are pressed on this nice looking PICTURE 12":
# "The Usurper" and "Jewel Throne" in new versions (originally released on the album "To Mega Therion")
# "Return To The Eve" in a new recorded version, party mix (originally released on the Mini LP "Morbid Tales")

The original pressing was done in the year 1986 on NOISE INTERNATIONAL from Germany (back then this company was located in West Germany).

"Limited" edition of 2500 copies exclusively re-issued for the RSD 2018, this PICTURE comes in a generic Die-Cut NOISE RECORDS company sleeve (info, track list and band pictures are printed on the back of the sleeve). For this re-issue all three tracks got remastered.