CIRITH UNGOL - Half Past Human 12" LP (Sheer Violet Marbled)

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12" LP | "Half Past Human"


COLOUR: Sheer Violet Marbled

Here we have to new output (2021) of the legendary US Metal band CIRITH UNGOL, a band that already was active in the Seventies. Very often they are labelled as Heavy Metal, Doom Metal, Epic or Progressive Metal but in my opinion CIRITH UNGOL´s style is too unique and doesn´t really fit into a certain label, so let´s say it is really great Metal with a very, very strange vocals (think I never heard a singer like this before, but of course I don´t know all bands that are existing on this planet). On "Half Past Human" you can listen to four new songs, fans of the band will love them because once again the band delivers over-the-top music, interested parties should test out the band, maybe CIRITH UNGOL will have some more fans (or haters) soonish.

Limited edition of 500 copies on Sheer Violet Marbled vinyl, this LP is housed in a full-coloured pocket cover (with the typical great fantasy artwork) and comes with A2 poster, lyric insert and mp3 download card.