CIRITH UNGOL - I´m Alive 2 x LP (Red Rust Marbled)

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2 x LP | "I´m Alive"


COLOUR: Red Rust Marbled

CIRITH UNGOL, the name was taken from J.R.R. Tolkiens book "Lord Of The Rings" and means "Pass Of The Spider", started their career 1972 in Ventura, California and were active till may 1992. At first they played Heavy Metal, taken influences from BLACK SABBATH, THIN LIZZY but also IGGY AND THE STOOGES, but later they tended more to progressive Hard Rock, early Doom Metal. Being one of the first bands creating the Doom Metal genre they influenced a lot of later bands like CELTIC FROST, SAINT VITUS, COUNTRAVEN, CANDLEMASS, ... . 

With the Live album "I´m Alive" the band presents seventeen songs like "Chaos Rising", "Paradise Lost", "Frost And Fire", "Chaos Descends", "King Of The Dead", ... recorded during the "Up The Hammers" festival in Athen, Greece and the "Hammer Of Doom" and "Rock Hard" festivals in Germany.

Limited edition of 300 numbered copies on Red Rust Marbled vinyl, this album comes in a nice gatefold sleeve and with giant poster.

Saddly some of the covers got damaged during the transport, happily METAL BLADE RECORDS shipped out exchange covers, so some of the customers get the damaged SEALED double LP plus an additional undamaged gatefold sleeve.