CONVULSE - World Without God 2 x LP (Swamp Green)

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2 x LP | "World Without God"


COLOUR: Swamp Green

"World Without God" is the debut album of the finnish Old School Death Metal band CONVULSE, a short-lived band that has been active in the Early / Mid Nineties, and is a well-known genre-defining classic of finnish Death Metal. CONVULSE played primitive and savage Death Metal and together with other finnish acts like DEMIGOD, XYSMA, ABHORRENCE, FUNEBRE, ...,  they were the perfect proof that Finland is / was a fertile ground for extreme Metal acts and other "nordic" countries like Sweden or Norway don´t have a monopoly in this genre.

The original version of "World Without God" was released in the year 1991 on the french label THRASH RECORDS / INFEST RECORDS (sublabel).

This band-approved re-isse here comes on Swamp Green vinyl and is housed in a heavy deluxe gatefold sleeve, it comes with printed innersleeves and poster, as bonus on the second LP you´ll get the songs of the cult demo "Resuscitation Of Evilness" (1990).