CROW - The Crow LP

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LP | "The Crow"



CROW from Tokyo, Japan is a legendary Punk band, they started their "career" in the Early, Mid Eighties and are active till now (and still they are as powerful as in their early days). They are well-known for their raw and aggressive japanese style Hardcore, Punk with a little bit bigger metallic edge. CROW exactely plays the style that fans of G.I.S.M., ASBESTOS, LIPCREAM, GHOUL, ... adore to the max, less chaotic and not that pissed off as many other older japanese Punk acts but still fucked up to the max. As all these releases from old japanese Punk acts, the first pressing of the "The Crow" LP is very hard to find and so expensive, nice to see it being available again, even it´s only an unofficial release (but here you can get ahold of one of the better done bootlegs).

The original pressing came out in the year 1995 on GRIND // CRUST RECORDS from Japan, but the five songs on this 12" LP already were recorded august 28th, 1988 and october 9th, 1989.

Limited Fanclub edition (400 copies altogether), this is the standard version of 300 copies on Black vinyl, the LP comes in a inside-out cover with original artwork and one info insert, as bonus you´ll get a A3 poster plus a sticker (both were not available in the original pressing).