CRUMBSUCKERS - Beast On My Back LP (Coloured)

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LP | "Beast On My Back"


COLOUR: Coloured vinyl (maybe Lime Green ???)

The CRUMBSUCKERS are a Hardcore, Crossover band from New York, USA that started in the Early Eighties, yes ARE because they are back on the map again. Musicwise they are more influenced by Thrash Metal bands and Early Eighties US Hardcore, so they are far away from being a typical NYHC band and their style is closer to D.R.I. or NUCLEAR ASSAULT than to YOUTH OF TODAY, AGNOSTIC FRONT, CRO-MAGS, ... . In the beginning their music was raging and fast but later they slowed down a little bit and got way more metallic, don´t be mistaken CRUMBSUCKERS still are very powerful but their later sound is a little bit different and a lot of "Speed" Freaks were disappointed.

COMBAT CORE from the USA did the original pressing of the album "Beast On My Back" in the year 1988.

Official re-release on BACK ON BLACK in the UK, a sticker on the LP says, 180 gram limited edition coloured vinyl, DISCOGS.COM says Lime Green and I can´t find other information, but the LP´s are still sealed so I don´t know the colour. The LP comes in a nice gatefold cover !!!