D.I. - State Of Shock LP (Black)

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LP | "State Of Shock"

(The Netherlands)


This Punk, Hardcore project from Orange County, California, USA was formed in 1982 by vocalist Casey Royer while former band ADOLESCENTS was temporarily on hiatus. The group saw some success reaching its peak in the Mid and Late Eighties, their second album "Horse Bites, Dog Cries" is now considered a Hardcore, Punk classic. Despite going on hiatus between albums the band continued to be active. If you are into old, a little bit more melodic Eighties US Hardcore bands like CIRCLE JERKS, ADOLESCENTS, AGENT ORANGE, ANGRY SAMOANS, THE DICKIES, ... , then you will love the band D.I. too.

The original version of this LP was released in the year 1994 by the US label DOCTOR DREAM RECORDS.

Official re-issue, limited edition of 300 copies on Black vinyl, in addition to the lyric insert you´ll get a bonus song too.