DEATH - Scream Bloody Gore LP (Clear With Blood Red Pinwheels And Splatter)

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LP | "Scream Bloody Gore"


COLOUR: Clear With Blood Red Pinwheels And Splatter

It´s the year 1987 and the international Thrash Metal scene is still under the influence of the ultrabrutal "Seven Churches" album from POSSESSED, noone expected that Thrash Metal, Death Metal could be any harder and faster than this, but then there was DEATH. This US band, active under the name DEATH since 1984, delivered their debut album "Scream Bloody Gore" and this was and is one of the hardest (early) Death Metal, Thrash Metal release ever, Metal freaks that were disappointed about the second POSSESSED album "Beyond The Gates" (which definitely IS a great album too) suddenly had new heros. The contemporary and also the actual Death Metal scene massively was and is influenced by the band DEATH, next to acts like POSSESSED, SLAYER, EXODUS, OBITUARY, ... this band is the most well-known Extreme Metal export from The United States.

First pressing of the album "Scream Bloody Gore" was released on COMBAT, USA in the year 1987.

Official re-issue on RELAPSE RECORDS "limited" to 5000 copies on Clear With Blood Red Pinwheels And Splatter vinyl, this LP comes with nice fold-out lyric sheet and download card.