DEFORMED CONSCIENCE - The Hagen Days 1991 - 1994 2 x LP (Discography)

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2 x LP | "Killing For God"

(Canada + Belgium)


DEFORMED CONSCIENCE was a Punk, Crust band from Conneticut, USA that was active in the Nineties, later band members went on to form bands like STATE OF FEAR, HAIL OF RAGE, REACT, CALLOUSED and SHITLIST. DEFORMED CONSCIENCE made very fast and brutal Punk, Crustcore, sometimes very close to Grindcore with manic dual vocals. This here is for fans of DISRUPT, STATE OF FEAR, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, EXCREMENT OF WAR, EXTINCTION OF MANKIND, ... , those who like their Punk, Crust music simple and raw.

Discography release including tons of songs taken from this outputs:
# "No Exuse For Suffering" Demo Tape (1992)
# "Same" 7" EP (1992)
# "Heavy Hardcore Heardroom" Comp. CD (1992)
# "Constant Strife" EP (1993)
# Split EP with SCOURGE (1993)
# Split EP with 3-WAY-CUM (1994)
# Split EP with TERMINAL DISGUST (1994)
# Split LP with EXCREMENT OF WAR (1995)

This double LP is limited to 1000 copies on Red vinyl and is housed in a nice gatefold sleeve.