DEMOB - Still No Room LP / CD

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LP / CD | "Still No Room"


COLOUR: LP: Black, CD housed in a cardboard 

Demob is a 1978 Punk band from Gloucester, UK who were established (helped by the late John Peel) with their debut single "Anti Police", due to the serious undertones of the lyrics, John Peel didn´t actually play "Anti Police" on his BBC Radio 1 show, but played the B side "Teenage Adolescence" instead. The anticipated new album "Still No Room" has been in the making for five years and it is being dubbed some of the best work by the UK based band. Songs featured include heavy hitters like "Shit Happens", "Once Punk Always Punk" and "Love Your Country (Hate Your Government)", they are still in step with their anti establishment protests that they have been singing for over forty years. 
The band continues to play stages across the UK and were / are a regular band at the Rebellion Festival Blackpool, UK.

Here we have the normal edition on Black vinyl (400 ? copies were made), the album is housed in a LP pocket cover with lyric sheet. The bonus CD includes all songs of the LP on digital format.