DESASTER - Churches Without Saints LP (Gold "Blackdust")

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LP | "Churches Without Saints"


COLOUR: Gold "Blackdust"

DESASTER from Koblenz, Germany are back with their new 2021 album named "Churches Without Saints", during october - december 2020 the band recorded twelve new songs in their dungeon (= rehearsal room) in Ochtendung, Germany (where the hell is that ???): expect nothing else than savage and very brutal blackened Old School Thrash Metal, Death Metal, it´s like old (drunken) KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, ... are teaming up with more modern Black Metal bands. The brutality of Eighties, Nineties thrashing Death Metal mixed up with the dark melodies of Black Metal. Don´t hesitate BUY this album and bang your fucking head !!!

Limited edition of 250 hand-numbered copies on Gold "Blackdust" vinyl, this LP is housed in a full-coloured pocket cover and comes with poster, lyric insert and mp3 download card.