DESTRUCTION - Bestial Invasion Of Hell MLP

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MLP | "Bestial Invasion Of Hell"



One of the earliest (and still active) Thrash Metal, Black Metal bands from Germany is DESTRUCTION: they started in the year 1983 and brought out several releases till then. Their first release was the "Bestial Invasion Of Hell" demo tape from the year 1984. The band recorded six raw and unpolished Early Eighties Thrash Metal, Black Metal songs, some of them like for example "Mad Butcher" or  "Total Desaster" found their way on later vinyl releases (of course re-recorded and in better sounding versions). Don´t take me wrong, the sound of the demo is really, really good (for a demo), but of course the later vinyl versions got a better treatment in an professional studio. I think a lot of bands (back then and now) would be happy to have such a great debut output like "Bestial Invasion Of Hell" and I´m shure a lot of fans of Old School Eighties Thrash, Speed Metal made in Germany like SODOM, KREATOR, EXUMER, DEATHROW, ..., will love this Mini-LP.

The original version of this demo (a single-sided tape with b/w cover) came out in the year 1984 and was released by the band itself.

This edition here is limited to 750 copies on Black vinyl, it comes in an uncoated gatefold cover with original artwork (from the second, revised demo version), liner notes from the (ex-) band members and Frank Stöver ("Voices From The Darkside" fanzine), a big poster is added too.