DESTRUCTION - Cracked Brain LP (Transparent Electric Blue)

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LP | "Cracked Brain"


COLOUR: Transparent Electric Blue

The album "Cracked Brain" is the first DESTRUCTION release without mastermind, "band leader", singer and bassist Schmier, he left the band after they supported CELTIC FROST during their "Cold Lake" UK tour and the rest of the band wanted to pursue a more melodic direction. POLTERGEIST singer Andre Grieder joined the band as stand-in singer, and although he seemed to have more singing potential than Schmier and the songs on "Cracked Brain" are fast, very variable and well performed a lot of Die Hard bands didn´t like the "Cracked Brain" album and it more or less flopped. Yes it´s very different from the early and savage material of DESTRUCTION, but after all this years an old man can admit that this album isn´t that bad as he thought back then, "Cracked Brain" still is a solid Speed Metal output and interested parties should check it out for shure.

The first pressing of DESTRUCTION´s album "Cracked Brain" was released in the year 1990 on STEAMHAMMER from Germany, all songs got remastered by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY to get original sound from 1990.

This edition here is limited to 500 copies on Transparent Electric Blue vinyl, it comes in a heavy cardboard cover, with printed innersleeve, DIN A5 promo photo and poster.