DESTRUCTION - Live Without Sense LP + EP (Transparent Electric Blue)

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LP + EP | "Live Without Sense"


COLOUR: Transparent Electric Blue (LP + EP)

"Live Without Sense" was recorded at several gigs during DESTRUCTION´s "Release From Agony" Tour in the years 1987 / 1988 and it´s a real great live album with good sound and nice production, saddly it was released a little bit too late (in the year 1989), in times the band was here, songs like "Release From Agony", "Curse The Gods", "Mad Butcher", "Eternal Ban", "Unconscious Ruins", "Life Without Sense", ... were captured during nice live concerts, the song collection is a nice mixture of several different releases the band recorded till then (from their early days till their "newest" record "Release From Agony", released in 1987) and the real, real good production are making this album to one of the best live releases in the good old Eighties.

The first pressing of DESTRUCTION´s live album "Live Without Sense" was released in the year 1989 on STEAMHAMMER from Germany, all songs got remastered by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY to get original sound from 1989.

This edition here is limited to 500 copies on Transparent Electric Blue vinyl (LP and EP, there´s some mistake from the label side, which said the EP is on Black vinyl, look at the detailed picture I copied from their website, but the EP is Coloured too), it comes in a gatefold jacket, with DIN A5 promo photo, insert and poster.