DEVIATED INSTINCT - Rock ´N´ Roll Conformity LP

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LP | "Rock ´N´ Roll Conformity"



DEVIATED INSTINCT, formed in 1984 in the city of Norwhich, UK, is one of the pioneering Crustcore bands of the Mid. Late Eighties. Next to other UK acts like HELLBASTARD, ANTISECT, AMEBIX, CONCRETE SOX, ... they were amongst the first bands mixing raw and pissed of Eighties Punk, Hardcore with heavy, down-tuned Metal, Thrash Metal. Their studio debut "Rock ´N´ Roll Conformity" was / is a total blast of raw Punk energy, totally devastating and very close to complete infernal noise, the perfect soundtrack for Armagedom. A total must in every Crustcore collection.

The original version was released in the year 1988 also on PEACEVILLE from the UK.

Re-issue on 180 gram heavyweight Black vinyl, this album comes with original sleeve artwork and with extra insert.