DEW-SCENTED - Intermination LP (Dark Green)

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LP | "Intermination"


COLOUR: Dark Green

DEW-SCENTED is a Thrash Metal, Death Metal band from Braunschweig, Germany which was formed in the year 1990, they play fast Old School Thrash Metal with some hints of Death Metal. "Intermination" is their tenth full-length on which they present thirteen tracks, aggressive, chock full of melodic riffs and with the obligatory brutal vocals, the musicianship on them is rigorous and it all ticks like a gothic clockwork. DEW-SCENTED play Death Metal inspired Thrash in the swedish style, totally influenced by acts like THE HAUNTED, ARCH ENEMY or HATESPHERE.

Limited edition of 300 numbered copies on Dark Green vinyl, this LP is housed in a nice gatefold sleeve.