DISAFFECT - Sanctus Propaganda Sessions Vol. 3 LP (Blue)

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LP | "Sanctus Propaganda Sessions Vol. 3"



SEDITION are a Punk, Anarcho Punk band from Glasgow, Scotland, UK, they were formed in early Nineties and disbanded a few years later and some members along with SEDITION members, formed SCATHA and QUARANTINE. Finally they reformed in 2019 with original members; Joe, Brian, Lynne and Billy and adding new members Lee from 36 CRAZY FIST and Jim from MACHINE GUN ETIQUETTE, RAMROD and FLEAS & LICE.  Finally a brand new LP from the Scots, in march 2022 the band recorded for "Sanctus Propaganda Sessions Vol. 3": altogether thirteen Anarcho Punk tracks, old and new, that will bring you back to the "good old times". This LP is a benefit release for 161 Crew to support the ongoing fight against fascist states in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. Show your support !

Limited edition of 300 copies on Blue vinyl, this album comes in coloured LP pocket cover and with insert.