DISORDER - We´re Still Here LP

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LP | "We´re Still Here"



DISORDER is a legendary Anarcho Punk, Punk band from Bristol, UK and was founded in 1980, together with CHAOS UK, THE EXPLOITED, CONFLICT, CRASS, DISCHARGE, ... they were amongst the most famous Early Eighties political Punk bands from this country. DISORDER became very well-known for their distorted, ultraraw and fuzzed Punk, Hardcore and happily nothing has changed, DISORDER in the new millenium is as fucked up and angry as in their early days. YES, nothing more needs to be said !!!

"We´re Still Here" was recorded at Our House in Tokyo, Japan with some members from the japanese band ORDER and originally was released on CD only by HG FACT from Japan in 2002.

This LP comes on Black vinyl and with lyric insert.