DOOM - Rush Hour Of The Gods LP

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LP | "Rush Hour Of The Gods"



UK´s Crust Punk export number one is the band DOOM originaly based in Birmingham, due to countless releases and excessive toring (mostly in the past) most Punks all over the world owns outputs of them, has seen them live or at least has heard, read about them. The eleven tracks on "Rush Hours Of The Gods" were recorded at "In A City Studios" on 21, 22 and 23 june, 1996 and although the album features longer songs, a second guitar and a generally more polished production, the DOOM sound is still the "same": crushing D-Beat, Crust Punk taking influences from "good old" DISCHARGE. This here is a must for every Crust fan.

The first pressing of this album was done in the year 1996 and was released by FLAT EARTH, UK.

Re-Issue on Black vinyl, finally back in print after over a decade, the LP with remastered sound is housed in a Tip-On jacket and comes with two posters.