DRILLER KILLER - Fuck The World LP (Black)

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LP | "Fuck The World"

(Canada + Belgium)

COLOUR: Black 

DRILLER KILLER from Malmö, Sweden were formed in the year 1993 and they play D-Beat, Punk, Crustcore strongly influenced by the british band DISCHARGE. Their sound is very powerful, aggressive and way better produced than the grandfathers of D-Beat, Punk ever experienced in their early days. DRILLER KILLER perfectly manage to play mid-tempo songs as well as fast, crushing smashers and from time to time they add memorable melodies. This here is the perfect mix of UK D-Beat, Crust and swedish raw Hardcore, Punk, sound that is rare and only can be heard from more "professional" bands like WARCRY, STATE OF FEAR or later GENOCIDE S.S. . 
"Fuck The World" is back on wax !! Thirty-two minutes pave way to sixteen down tuned skull-cracking tracks of Sweden’s finest unadulterated riff-laden Metal Punk. Iron-clad production with a clear, balanced, burly mix of titanic guitars and pummelling drums welded together by the deep and aggressive voice of Cliff Lundberg.

DRILLER KILLER´s third album originally released on vinyl as a hand-numbered edition of 1000 copies by KRON-H (a sub label of OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS, France) in 1997 and out-of-print now for over twenty years, it’s about fucking time ! 

Limited edition of 600 hand-numbered copies on Black vinyl housed in a nice LP pocket cover (artwork got a little rearrangement) and with extra insert.