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LP | "Realiy Bites"

(Canada + Belgium)

COLOUR: Black 

DRILLER KILLER from Malmö, Sweden were formed in the year 1993 and they play D-Beat, Punk, Crustcore strongly influenced by the british band DISCHARGE. Their sound is very powerful, aggressive and way better produced than the grandfathers of D-Beat, Punk ever experienced in their early days. DRILLER KILLER perfectly manage to play mid-tempo songs as well as fast, crushing smashers and from time to time they add memorable melodies. This here is the perfect mix of UK D-Beat, Crust and swedish raw Hardcore, Punk, sound that is rare and only can be heard from more "professional" bands like WARCRY, STATE OF FEAR or later GENOCIDE S.S. 
"Reality Bites" first time on vinyl !! Fourteen down tuned, heavy tracks of finest unadulterated riff-laden Metal Punk, brutal as fuck, a total Crust bulldozer coming from Sweden.

DRILLER KILLER´s forth album originally released as CD only by KRON-H (a sub label of OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS, France) in 1998 and out-of-print now for over twenty years, it’s about fucking time !!!

Limited edition of 600 hand-numbered copies on Black vinyl housed in a nice LP pocket cover (artwork got a little rearrangement) and with extra insert.