ELECTROZOMBIES - Skull Of Chaos LP (White)

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LP | "Skull Of Chaos"



ELECTROZOMBIES are a Death Metal, Doom, Crust band from Santiago, Chile and this trio (consisting of two girls, bass and drums and one boy, main vocals and guitar) is making noise since 2002. Their sound is brutal, fucked up and distorted to the max, the band has their best moments in their slow and mid-tempo parts, uptempo passages are more or less rare, but it would be wrong to call them a Sludge, Doom band, musicwise ELECTROZOMBIES are closer to the Death Metal than to the Punk, Crust side, think of CELTIC FROST, HELLHAMMER, ENTOMBED, ... meets CORRUPTED, GRIEF, WINTER, the lyrics are political and very pissed off, so Crusties can listen to this sound too. On the album "Skull Of Chaos" you can find nine songs, including two covers tracks ("Lifelock" from DOOM and "No Security" from CHAOS UK).

Limited edition of 300 copies on White vinyl (this is the "standard" version), this album comes with printed innersleeve and extra poster.