EMILS - Fight Together For ... LP + EP (Black)

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LP + EP | "Fight Together For ..."

2018 | POWER IT UP

COLOUR: Black (LP and 7" EP)

In the Eighties the first german bands began to orient themselves on the american style Hardcore, bands like SPERMBIRDS, SKEEZICKS, JINGO DE LUNCH, H.O.A., UNWANTED YOUTH, S.O.S., ... . In the mid Eighties there were rumors about a new band from Hamburg. Did SLIME possibly fit behind the EMILS ? If you read the band name from the back to the front, then these rumors of course get food. And also the spelling of the band writing was very similar to SLIME. But in the end, of course, that was nonsense. The EMILS crossed on their debut album Punk with Hardcore and also with Metal. D.R.I. had just invented the crossover and the influences from the States were quite big on the local scene. The EMILS quickly became popular, because they had german texts that were also very critical and direct and did not mince words. They were directed, for example, against the church, neo-Nazis, nuclear power (Chernobyl was then exploded then), conformity and also against the stupidity in their own scene, which was expressed in the song "Dumb Punk". "Fight together for ..." was her first and best LP in 1987. Here you will find the hits "Too Slow", "Church No", "Stupid Punk", "Beautiful Life" and some other good songs. Hardcore, Punk rock fans should beat their hearts out with this first-ever vinyl re-release. But even for those who have "passed" this band and who are into Punk, Hardcore and / or Crossover, it is almost inevitable to have "given" the EMILS at least once in their lives.

In the year 1988 WE BITE RECORDS from Germany did the original pressing of this album.

This vinyl release (here we have the standard pressing on Black vinyl) includes a bonus EP with four previously unreleased live cover songs, as well as a twelve page booklet with liner notes, pictures from the past. The full-coloured cover comes in a nice inside-out design.