FEAR OF GOD - Under The Chainsaw (Complete Demos 1987) LP

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LP | "Under The Chainsaw (Complete Demos 1987)"

2014 | F.O.A.D. RECORDS


FEAR OF GOD were a legendary Grindcore, Noisecore band from Switzerland mainly active in the Mid, Late Eighties, they were formed in 1986, splitted up in 1988 and briefly reformed in 2002, played some few gigs but they are more or less inactive now. FEAR OF GOD were one of the first Grindcore, Noisecore bands and next to CRIPPLE BASTARDS, NAPALM DEATH, PATARENI, BUKA, TERRORIZER, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, UNSEEN TERROR, ... one of the most important bands of this era.

All tracks were recorded in between september - november 1987, some of these were taken from the demo 1987, that later was re-released as the "Konserven" EP on TWO SHEDS RECORDS, Switzerland in 1992.

Limited edition of 250 copies on Black vinyl that come in very nice looking gatefold sleeve and a A2 poster, next to newly mastered, restored songs you´ll get a lot of info: tons of liner notes, rare or unreleased photos and flyers.