FINAL CONFLICT - Ashes To Ashes LP (Red)

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LP | "Ashes To Ashes"



FINAL CONFLICT were a Hardcore, Punk band from Long Beach, California, USA. Formed by guitarist and principal songwriter Jeff Harp in 1983, the Long Beach quartet enlisted elements of Thrash, Black Metal and D-Beat to lend their minute-long manifestoes an essential, acrid urgency. In 1987 they released their pulverizing debut album "Ashes to Ashes" a venom-soaked takedown of the Reagan years, as well as one of the decade´s best crossover releases.

The legendary US label PUSMORT did the first edition of this album in the year 1987.

Deluxe edition on Red vinyl, this album comes with printed innersleeve, a twenty-four paged booklet, a large poster and download card