FLESHCRAWL - Soulskinner LP (Clear Flesh-Colored)

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LP | "Soulskinner"


COLOUR: Clear Flesh-Colored

In the year 2002 the south german Death Metal band FLESHCRAWL came back with their sixth album "Soulskinner". They recorded ten songs (including a cover song of JUDAS PRIEST) to continue their unstoppable path of ultimate Death Metal destruction, once again they used influences of swedish Death Metal acts like DISMEMBER or GRAVE to create a total devastating wall of sound. FLESHCRAWL are not a cheap copycat, they always try to create something of their own, no matter by what bands they were / are influenced. Here you will get Old School Death Metal to the max !

The original version of this album (CD only back then) came out in the year 2002 on METAL BLADE RECORDS, Germany.

Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies on Clear Flesh-Colored vinyl, the LP comes in a nice LP pocket cover with insert, two sided poster and download card.