G.I.S.M. - Detestation Reissue LP

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LP | "Detestation Reissue"



G.I.S.M. was a japanese Hardcore, Punk, Heavy Metal band from Tokyo, formed in 1981. The band split after Randy Uchida´s death in 2001. After more than a decade of silence G.I.S.M. played a show at the 2016 Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands. It was their first show ever outside of Japan. 
Here we have the first ever fully-authorized reissue of G.I.S.M.´s landmark debut LP:  "Detestation", originally released in 1983 "Detestation" has since remained one of the most innovative, bewildering, extreme, and wildly influential albums in the Punk and Metal canon. To say "Detestation" was ahead of its time would be a huge understatement, it incorporated elements from so many genres: Hardcore, Punk, Heavy Metal, Glam, Thrash, Industrial and Experimental. It was almost as if listeners didn´t know what to do with the record´s music but gravitated to it nonetheless as they recognized it was something unique and special.

The first edition of this album came out in the year 1983 by the legendary japanese label DOGMA RECORDS.

Standard edition on Black vinyl (3500 copies were pressed), this album comes with OBI strip (saddly glued on the cover) and poster.