GLOOMSTER / KILLBITE - If You Follow The Tunes Of Perdition Split LP

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(Germany / Germany)

LP | "If You Follow The Tunes Of Perdition Split"



On this great piece of vinyl you can listen to the fantastic german bands GLOOMSTER and KILLBITE, both bands contribute six intelligent, political songs and on some tracks they are sharing main vocals / chorus duties:

GLOOMSTER are a Hardcore, Punk band from Eisenach, Eastern Germany with some metallic touch and with two vocalists. Anti-fascist crusty Hardcore, Punk totally against homophobia, fascism, anti-semitism, ... , this is angry, powerdriven and totally In-Your-Face Punk music for shure. Main vocals on the song "Revisionist*Innen" is done by the KILLBITE frontman.

After some line-up changes KILLBITE from Bremen, Northern Germany is back with another bang, maybe less Death Metal influences as on their previous releases but still very aggressive, downtuned and fierce Crustcore, Punk to the max. In my opinion it is a super idea that members of befriended bands are doing the vocals on some songs:
# "Vergonha Do Brasil" (vocals done by members of AGROTOXICO and ÓDIO SOCIAL)
# "Auf Abwegen" (vocals done by members of GLOOMSTER)
# "Shadow Covers The Sun" (vocals done by Tati / NEUROTIC EXISTENCE)

Great split album on Red vinyl, I think 500 copies got pressed ?, an extra lyric sheet and a poster are included.