GWAR - The Blood Of Gods 2 x LP (Silver)

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2 x LP | "The Blood Of Gods"


COLOUR: Silver

Four years after their album "Battle Maximus" (released in the year 2013 on METAL BLADE RECORDS, Germany) GWAR are back with an new output called "The Blood Of Gods": twelve songs of simple Metal and Punk mixed up to a massive cerebral gangbang, it´s like a big drill penetrates the brain of the delighted listener and destroys every normality inside. GWAR is abnormal, GWAR is insane, GWAR is from outerspace, but this is what their fans expect. Haters will hate, Lovers will love this new album, who cares, IT´S ONLY ROCK ´N´ ROLL !!!

Limited edition of 300 numbered copies on Silver vinyl, this release comes in a gatefold jacket, with printed insert and poster.