H.C.P. - Pozytywny Stan Swiadomosci 1989 LP (Blue)

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LP | "Pozytywny Stan Swiadomosci 1989"



H.C.P. stands for HARD CORE POZNAN, this band was active for a short time in the years 1988 - 1989 but they were very important for the growing D.I.Y. Hardcore scene in Poland of the Late Eighties. H.C.P. played fast and aggressive Hardcore, Punk (or Hardcore, Thrash as it was called back in those days), the lyrics were dealing with the dawn of the communist days in Poland, state violence, militarism, nuclear energy and growing neo-facism. After H.C.P. splitted up some of the members created the band APATIA.

This nineteen songs were taken from the split tape with APATIA (1989), the "Anti Drugs" 7" EP (1989) and another split tape with CHAOS (1989).

This LP comes on Blue vinyl and with a twenty-eight paged booklet including lyrics, an interview with all band members, memories of Pablo from RESISTENCE PRODUCTIONS, many photos and flyers.