HALLOWS EVE - Tales Of Terror LP ("Hangman´s Private Stock" Red Marbled)

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LP | "Tales Of Terror"


COLOUR: "Hangman´s Private Stock" Red Marbled

Let´s get back to the (so-called) good old times., everything was new and fresh as Thrash Metal started its worldwide victory march. HALLOWS EVE´s debut was a child of its time: amazing speed, an overdose of energy and a surprising musical maturity formed it. Just like so many further formations that have a legendary status today, POSSESSED, FORBIDDEN or NASTY SAVAGE to name but a few, the guys from Atlanta, Georgia, USA did not stumble into the recording studio next door. They had some phenomenal songs under their belt and were able to realize their musical visions effectively. HALLOWS EVE did not have the same position like some of their competitors, because they entered the studio a little bit too early, the playtime of less than twenty-nine minutes gave a first indication and the quality differences between the individual tracks were enormous, anyway this debut still kicks ass.

The first edition of this album came out in the year 1985 by the famous US label METAL BLADE RECORDS.

Limited edition of 200 copies on "Hangman´s Private Stock" Red Marbled vinyl, the album is housed in a nice pocket cover (with original artwork) and comes with lyric insert and extra poster. All song material got fully restored and remastered for vinyl.