HARD-ONS - Dickcheese LP

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LP | "Dickcheese"



The HARD-ONS are a melodic Punk Rock band from Sydney, Australia who officially formed in 1982. They are often acknowledged as Australia´s most commercially successful independent band and have found international success since the release of their debut "Surfin On My Face" EP in 1985 (later re-released in 1987 on Australia´s WATERFRONT RECORDS). "Dickcheese" is the second full-length album of the band, they eight-teen tracks of this album were recorded from december 1987 - january 1988, Largely influenced by Punk, Metal and psychedelic bands, the HARd-ONS sound is hard to categorise, but very often you can hear that THE RAMONES are one of their main influences. Great stuff for shure, very melodic but hard-hitting too.

The original version of this album came out in the year 1988 on WATERFRONT RECORDS, Australia.

Special re-issue for the Recordstore Day 2019, this LP comes on Black vinyl, in a LP pocket cover and with extra poster.