HELLKRUSHER - Wasteland Unreleased LP

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LP | "Wasteland Unreleased"



HELLKRUSHER is a Crust band from Newcastle, UK which was formed in the year 1989 after Ali Lynn and Ian "Scotty" Scott left their previous bands ENERGETIC KRUSHER and HELLBASTARD. They play great harsh uptempo D-Beat, Crust, Punk, UK Thrash in the vein of DISCHARGE or THE VARUKERS.

Not a lot of people know, but there are actually two recordings of “Wasteland”, the first of which was scrapped for not being up to standard back in the day. The studio was shit and the guitarist was on the run from the police. The recording itself hasn´t been heard outside the band apart from a few close friends and tape traders … UNTIL NOW ! Fully remastered, including all original artwork and photos, much rawer, with a dirtier guitar sound as different versions of the songs that appear on the released version. This is “Wasteland Unreleased”.  

Limited edition of 300 copies on Black vinyl, the LP comes in a nice LP pocket cover, with extra lyric insert, screen printed A 2 poster, patch and sticker.