HERESY - 1985 - ´87 LP (Dark Green)

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LP | "1985 - ´87"


COLOUR: Dark Green

HERESY is one of the most influental UK Hardcore, Punk bands ever to exist, from 1985 - 1989 the band was one of the leading lights of the rapidly expanding UK Punk, Hardcore scene. They played fast and furious Thrashcore, Hardcore in the vein of SIEGE, LÄRM, CONCRETE SOX, D.R.I., B.G.K., NAPALM DEATH, early M.D.C., RIPCORD, ... , they also were famous for their wild and uncontrolled live shows. Modern Fastcore, Grindcore, Power-Violence bands are massively influenced by Early, Mid Eighties Hardcore and without doubt a lot of people playing fast Hardcore, Punk music love HERESY too.

Nineteen songs can be found on this LP taken from:
# the demo 1985 (unreleased before)
# the "Never Healed" Flexi 7" (1986)
# the "Thanx" EP (1987)
# two previously unreleased tracks are added too

This compilation release originally was released in 2004 on the japanese label SPEEDSTATE TRECORDS.

Limited edition of 500 copies on Dark Green vinyl, this LP comes with printed innersleeve including lyrics, never seen before photos and liner notes from the ex-HERESY member Kalv.