HERESY - Face Up To It ! (Expanded 30th Anniversary Edition) 2 x LP + CD (Marbled)

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2 x LP + CD | "Face Up To It ! (Expanded 30th Anniversary Edition)"


COLOUR: Vinyl: Random Marbled Colours, the CD is housed in a transparent PVC wallet

HERESY, originally named PLASMID, were formed in the Early, Mid Eighties in a tiny village outside of Stoke-On-Trent, UK. The band´s fast and crushing Hardcore style and their successful early releases, like the "Never Healed" Flexi and the split LP with CONCRETE SOX, made them world famous in the speed of light, next to bands like RIPCORD, NAPALM DEATH, CONCRETE SOX, ... they became almost like ambassadors for the growing UK Hardcore scene.
If you mention HERESY´s "Face Up To It!" album many people will tell you what a great album it was, let down by horrendous production. Then, 30 years since it was recorded, the band undertook a mammoth project to make the album finally sound how they had envisaged.  The original multi track master tapes were unearthed and baked to allow a transfer of all the raw recorded material and for the band to do a totally ground up restoration, remix on not only the original album, but also the rest of the session that included the bonus tracks originally only released on the Japanese version of the album "Voice Your Opinion".  To say that the results were remarkable would be an understatement and have exceeded the bands own expectations - turns out underneath the muddy production there was a phenomenal album just waiting to get out ! Finally the album is sounding as the band hoped it would in 1988 ! And because its a special release the packaging is special too ! Three Sided Vinyl LP (the original album plus one sided 12") is packaged in gatefold sleeve, with additional insert and a CD in PVC wallet of all tracks ! Featuring liner notes from all band members.

The original pressing of the album "Face Up To It !" came out in the year 1988 on the UK label IN YOUR FACE RECORDS.

30th anniversary reissue on Random Marbled vinyl (second pressing), this album comes in a full coloured gatefold sleeve and with booklet.