HOLY MOSES - Disorder Of The Order LP (Royal Blue)

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LP | "Disorder Of The Order"


COLOUR: Royal Blue

HOLY MOSES are a very long-lasting Thrash Metal, Speed Metal band from Aachen, Northern Germany that started their "career" in the year 1980. "Disorder Of The Order" already is the eighth full album of the band, after a break of eight years the band produced a follow-up to "No Matter What´s The Cause" (released on STEAMHAMMER, 1994): twelve songs of pure Thrash Metal rawness with the remarkable fucked up vocals from their front woman Sabina Classen.

CENTURY MEDIA from Germany did the original pressing in the year 2002.

Official reissue on Royal Blue vinyl (ltd. edition of 500 copies), this album comes in a full-coloured pocket cover and with booklet.