JERRY´S KIDS - Kill Kill Kill LP (Red)

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LP | "Kill Kill Kill"



Six years after their debut LP "Is This My World !" Boston, USA Hardcore legends JERRY´S KIDS are back with their second album "Kill Kill Kill". The songs on this album still is fast but not that hyperspeed like their old material, a lot of great, memorable melodies are added and this makes this album a little bit different than "Is This My World?". Don´t be mistaken you won´t buy a melodic Hardcore release, the guys in the band learned to play their instrument but didn´t loose their aggressiveness and need for speed. Check out songs like "Spymaster", "Breathe And Fuck", "Bad Trip", "Machine Gun", ... and you will understand: crushing Hardcore music doesn´t have to be superfast.

The first pressing of this Hardcore classic was released in the year 1989 on TAANG ! RECORDS, USA.

Special edition on Red vinyl pressed for the RSD 2019, the album is housed in a LP pocket cover and two inserts are included.