KILLBITE - Salt In Open Scars LP

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LP | "Salt In Open Scars"



After the "Brilliant Hell" 10" (2013) their first full length "Discrimi-Nation" (2016), their split LP´s with ÓDIO SOCIAL (2017) and GLOOMSTER (2019) KILLBITE from Bremen, northern Germany are back with another monster called "Salt In Open Scars". The band line-up changed "a little bit", not important to be mentioned here, you can find this info somewhere else, but the spirit and sound is the same. The band recorded thirteen new songs by themselves, which later were mastered in the local Sunsetter Studios to achieve the best possible result and you won´t be disappointed: the boys from KILLBITE perfectly know how to play crushing, down-tuned Crustcore with tons of influences from (swedish) Death Metal and, of course which is super important, the lyrics still are very political. Forget to look to places in other countries or overseas like Sweden, Japan or USA when we have over-the-top Crust bands in shitty old Germany too.

Standard pressing on Black vinyl housed in a nice standard LP pocket cover and with inlay poster.