KING DIAMOND - Conspiracy LP (Clear Skin Orange Marbled)

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LP | "Conspiracy"


COLOUR: Clear Skin Orange Marbled

Yeah we have the amazing debut "Fatal Portrait", the epic masterpiece "Abigail", the even better "Them", now "Conspiracy" ! This is a Speed Metal classic, KING DIAMONDS forth album and the follow up to "Them" ! It doesn't get much better than this, all the tracks are absolutley killer. "Conspiracy" lyrically, is the sequel to the previous album "Them", which already was a masterpiece, but "Conspiracy" is a tour de force of Metal. "Conspiracy" is just all-out Speed Metal at its very best. The riffing is just amazing, with harmoic extacy with pinches second to none and the drumming is insane, but King steals the show with his falsettos and operatic range: bow before the King. As usual production is great on this album, so what do you want more ?
Bottomline, if you don't like KING DIAMOND (hahahaha, why ???), then you should definetly check out this as your first - because it is so unbelievably. You must buy this album ! KING DIAMOND at his best, which means Metal at its best, pure Speed Metal excellence.

In the year 1989 ROADRUNNER RECORDS from The Netherlands did the first pressing of this album.

Re-issue on Clear Skin Orange Marbled vinyl, this version is limited to 300 numbered copies, it comes with lyric insert and free mp3 download card.