KING DIAMOND - Fatal Portrait LP (Clear Blue / Red Marbled)

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LP | "Fatal Portrait"


COLOUR: Clear Blue / Red Marbled

KING DIAMOND from Denmark active in the international Metal scene since 1985, after the previous band MERCYFUL FATE broke up, are famous for their powerful and epic Metal sound and not to forget the "special" vocal style of their frontman Mr. King Diamond himself.

"Fatal Portrait" is a fantastic debut album, on some levels KING DIAMOND is better than MERCYFUL FATE, but anyway  "Fatal Portrait" is pure Eighties Speed Metal. The riffs are cryptic chaos chugged out while the drums pound out insane, speedy beats. KING´s infamous falsetto wails are in full-effect here, and sound better than ever. The atmosphere all the songs create are indescribably, haunting, evil ... , this album is a must for every fan of Eighties Heavy Metal, Speed Metal. 

In the year 1986 ROADRUNNER RECORDS from The Netherlands did the first pressing of this album.

Re-issue on Clear Blue / Red Marbled vinyl, this version is limited to 300 numbered copies, it comes with lyric insert and free mp3 download card.