KING DIAMOND - In Concert 1987: Abigail LP (Wine Red / Black Marbled)

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LP | "In Concert 1987: Abigail"


COLOUR: Wine Red / Black Marbled

This is the only official live recording of KING DIAMOND and just by saying that makes it essential for fans of the King. Originally recorded in 1987 on the "Abigail" tour, "In Concert" wasn't released until 1990 after "The Eye". King says he was digging through some old boxes in a dark cellar of his when he found three reels of unmarked tapes. When he listened to them he found that they were recorded live sessions of some "Abigail" shows. This is a great album and is a live album in every sense of the word, no overdubs or touch- ups. Featuring the same line-up as the "Abigail" album except that guitarist Michael Denner was no longer in the band and was temporarily replaced by Swede Michael Moon. Moon does a fine job of playing Denner´s solos and does a fairly good job making them his own. Featuring many of the "Abigail" tracks they sound as good as the record just a bit more raw. "In Concert" also features two tracks off the debut "Fatal Portrait" which sound equally as killer. MERCYFUL FATE classic "Come to the Sabbath" is on here as well and it sounds as good if not better then the album version, as an added bonus is the classic single "No Presents For Christmas". A great live album, that is essential for KING DIAMONDS fans and is one of the best Metal live albums of all time.

First official release of this Live album on Wine Red / Black Marbled vinyl, this version is limited to 300 numbered copies, it comes with lyric insert and free mp3 download card.