KING DIAMOND - The Dark Sides LP (Clear Dark Rose Marbled)

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LP | "The Dark Sides"


COLOUR: Clear Dark Rose Marbled

This album is a compilation of more or less "rare" tracks from the danish Heavy Metal, Speed Metal band KING DIAMOND:

Track list:
# "Halloween" is taken from the "Fatal Portrait" LP (march 1986)
# "Them" is taken from the LP "Them" LP (june 1989) 
# "No Presents For Christmas" is taken from the "No Presents For Christmas" 12" (december 1985)
# "Shrine" is taken from the "The Family Ghost" 12" (july 1987)
# "The Lake" is taken from the limited edition "Halloween" Picture Disc (september 1986)
# "Phone Call" is taken from the CD release of "Them" (no music here)

The original version of this album came out in the year 1988 on the US label ROADRACER RECORDS.

Limited edition of 300 numbered copies on Clear Dark Rose Marbled vinyl, this LP is housed in a full-coloured pocket cover and comes with mp3 download card.