KREATOR -Behind The Mirror PICTURE 12"

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PICTURE 12" | "Behind The Mirror"



There´s so doubt that KREATOR, is one of the best-known, still active Thrash Metal, Speed Metal bands coming from good old Germany. The albums "Endless Pain", "Pleasure To Kill", "Terrible Certainty", ... are one of the most loved releases in the german Extreme Metal scene, but a more precious release of KREATOR is the "Behind The Mirror" PICTURE 12", which saw no re-issue for ages. Now it´s finally available again, as a special edition done for the RECORDSTORE DAY 2018. On this PICTURE you can listen to the track "Behind The Mirror" (taken from the "Terrible Certainty" album) and the TYGERS OF PAN TANG cover song "Gangland".

The original pressing was done in the year 1987 on NOISE INTERNATIONAL from Germany (back then this company was located in West Germany).

"Limited" edition of 2500 copies exclusively re-issued for the RSD 2018, the PICTURE comes in a generic Die-Cut NOISE RECORDS company sleeve.