MANIACS - Iron Curtain Kids / Attacked By Punk LP

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LP | "Iron Curtain Kids / Attacked By Punk"



The MANIACS a classic german Hardcore, Punk from from Germany are known for their split LP with TIN CAN ARMY, the "White Rose Of Resistance" LP, the "... Salute The Survivors" EP but on this album here you can find more or less rare and / or obscure song material.

The subtitle of this album is: 
"Early 1980´s German Hardcore Punk From The Iron Curtain, Demo´s + Outtakes ´82  - ´91" and this material can be found on the LP:
# six songs from the "We Are Not The Brave Men" demo (recorded 28.12.1983)
# two songs from the "Maniacs Dübel" demo (recorded 14.05.89)
# the last song of the band from 1991
# seven songs  from the "1982: Attack" demo tape
# five songs from the "1983: German Tanks" demo tape (recorded 11.06.1983)

Limited edition of 250 copies on Black vinyl, housed in a nice LP pocket cover plus lyric / info insert.