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(Germany / Germany)

LP | "Split"

2017 | POWER IT UP


One of the few german Punk classics that has not been reprinted yet is the MANIACS / TIN CAN ARMY Split LP, great to see this legendary album is back on the map:

MANIACS was a Hardcore, Punk band that was born in the summer of 1982 in Rotenburg, Germany out of the ashes of the local bands BLUTVERLUST and BUNKER. In the beginnings the band was more connected to the english Hardcore, Punk style, got influences from bands like G.B.H., THE VARUKERS or ONE WAY SYSTEM and lyricwise the band picked up on classic political themes, were singing about right-wing extremism and the established society. 

TIN CAN ARMY was the house band from the Juzi Göttingen (a youth club in Northern Germany founded in the year 1982), and the split LP with MANIACS has been their first output (saddly the sound on the original pressing sucked, because all material was recorded under a real strict time limit). TIN CAN ARMY was a very political band, with intelligent and well-thought lyrics, musicwise the can be compared with other contemporary german bands like INFERNO, VORKRIEGSPHASE, BOSKOPS, ... .  

MÜLLEIMER RECORDS from Germany did the original pressing in the year 1983, this pressing is rare and very expensive for shure. 

Official re-release, this here is the standard edition on Black vinyl, this album comes with original artwork, a twenty-four pages booklet and big flyer.