MEMORIAM - For The Fallen LP (Clear)

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LP | "For The Fallen"



THE KING IS DEAD - LONG LIVE THE KING !!! Almighty BOLT THROWER are saddly dead but out of the ashes a new Death Metal monster is rising, in january 2016 Karl Willets, Andy Whale (both ex-BOLT THROWER), Frank Healy (ex-BENEDICTION, ex-SACRILEGE) and Scott Fairfax (ex-LIFE DENIED, ex-BENEDICTION) formed a new Death Metal band called MEMORIAM. Yes of course the sound of the band is very influenced by BENEDICTION and BOLT THROWER (especially because of Karl Willetts, who was / is doing the vocals for BOLT THROWER and MEMORIAM) but that is not a bad thing, MEMORIAM offers the brutality and power of the bands named before, but they are definitely not a shitty copycat. MEMORIAM is on a good way to become the new heros of old School Death Metal and the loss of BOLT THROWER won´t be that extreme hard anymore.

Limited edition of 300 copies on Clear vinyl, the LP is housed in a nice gatefold sleeve.