MEMORIAM - Requiem For Mankind LP (Silver)

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LP | "Requiem For Mankind"


COLOUR: Silver

One year after their second album "The Silent Vigil" Death Metal act MEMORIAM from Birmingham, UK are back with their third strike called "Requiem For Mankind". With this album MEMORIAM finally sounds like a proper facsimile of english Death Metal legends BOLT THROWER and though this achievement was inevitable, the slog of their first two full-lengths was unquestionably less than satisfactory for that long-term fandom. Respect and love to influential legends is due but the scratched out, modestly budgeted and poorly voiced "For the Fallen" (2017) was a bit of a turd despite its glossy packaging. A little bit cheap production was probably the worst of it but the pretense of the whole project was stated very much as a tribute and continuation of BOLT THROWER after they’d officially called it quits back in 2016. In no way did the material live up to its intention. Karl Willets was essentially the face of BOLT THROWER (excepting "Honour - Valour - Pride") despite having next to no involvement in the songwriting process and there was rightfully some harsh scrutiny aimed at MEMORIAM´s shoddy big-label debut and its too-soon follow up "The Silent Vigil" (2018) simply because "Those Once Loyal" was a high bar yet unmet. Willets` vocals were a fraction of their previous intensity and the riffs were even less interesting than all of the mediocre scandinavian and dutch BoOLT THROWER clones we’ve gotten in the years since 2005. Is it fair to hold a new band to such a high standard ? No, but it wasn´t the fandom that´d set expectations high but MEMORIAM themselves and in no way had they lived up to the hype. The next step was paved for the band well before "Requiem for Mankind" was even written: write a heavy Death Metal album and produce it well, basically sound like fuckin’ BOLT THROWER for their thirsty-assed fans or get lost. So, they did, and to nobody’s surprise "Requiem For Mankind" is a pretty good album.

Limited edition of 300 copies on Silver vinyl, the LP is housed in nice gatefold sleeve and comes with insert.